Facing Anger Paths

This is one of the worksheets produced “for the betterment of humankind”

It is designed for children and adults alike.


“Person” is chaotic, however never shows the Sorrow or Peace aspects of their cycle to others due to having been programmed that it is inferior to do that, so other people only see their Anger and Hate.

This frustrates “Person” thus creates a feedback loop keeping “Person” trapped into the Chaos and Hate cycles.

“Person” is offered choices of remaining in the Chaotic cycle, carefully editing who see’s which aspects of their character; or FACING the root cause of their cycles (Trauma Event), accepting and forgiving, to achieve Peace by-passing Anger and Sorrow altogether.

This is desirable yet can take years because facing the root causes is not easy even once having identified them. In most cases guidance is required. The worksheet has been created as a step toward that process of healing.

facing anger paths

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