Basic Syllabus

The Basic Syllabus is supplemented by the Advanced Syllabus which is modular and extends each of the basic Parts in various directions usually by expanding the information base pertaining to it.


Preface / Overview

Anti-Divisionism through Harmonious & Holistic Relations.

Why binary gender is complimentary not opposite.


“Our society… women often complain about men thinking with their genitals although they are designed to while men often complain about women not thinking with their hearts although they are designed to. If we want to fix that, we must accept what we are supposed to be and do.” Rachel Bree


Part One inspired by the teachings of Mantak Chia. It shows clearly the basic tenet of how the human is a bio-electro-magnetic system albeit half of a whole system requiring complimentary binary gender to complete the circuit.

Part Two (to follow) is inspired by the teachings of Victa Corvo Penfold. It shows part one in relation to the septenary chakra system along with guidance on methods of using the breath to draw energy up through it for empowerment and a detail of what each chakra does as a sensory dimension.

Part Three (to follow) is about the growth of the 8th chakra in the upper chest / shoulder position by communicating (throat) the passion, and that the passion is known only through living by intuition without mental or emotional confusion; something which Modernism as a background society actively represses. This position of functioning by ‘communicating as our intuition’ (“authentic Being”) was taught by ancient cultures through such symbolism as Tau and Crux Ansata, the Ba bird in Egyptology; indicating the Horizon line beyond which are insights revealed by shift to higher chakra perceptual consciousness.

This bridges the gap between Eros and Thanos components (of Thanateros) as we evolve to integrate after-death consciousness into this lifetime.

Part Four (to follow) is necessarily about spirit mediumship. It draws on the teachings of Carlos Castaneda in ‘detaching from Mind’, something which Western Modernist school of thought describes as a mental illness but which Shaman from all over the globe throughout history have relied on to observe what is actually happening and gain deeper insight into Reality.

illustrations by Joe Russell (except for Bar magnet which is borrowed from the internet for educational purposes) produced on behalf of Ordo Octopia publications for the betterment of society in its advance toward harmony.

©2018 Ordo Octopia




M&F ENERGY BALANCE pictureinfinity gate picturemobius pictureBar Magnet-L



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